Sunday, 29 April 2012

Random Stuff That May or May Not Have Been Rejected

I was reminded of this the other day.  It's a logo I designed for the Riot Girls...a roller derby team from Vancouver.  They had a contest last year to redesign their logo and a couple friends told me I should enter.  I gave them three different iterations, one shaded, one not, and one with their name slapped across the front.

Needless to say they didn't pick mine but I'm not sure if the contest even went forward as planned.  I think it was supposed to be a fan voting thing on their facebook page but I never heard anything more about it after I entered.  Either way it was fun to do, I actually did the drawing while on vacation and had to wait till I got home to colour it, which was an interesting challenge.  I had to keep the colours to a minimum for printing purposes since they'd be putting it on all kinds of different items had it been picked, and I had to keep it to their colour scheme.

Here's another drawing that evidently didn't quite cut the mustard, but I still liked.  The Flaming C of Conan!

The Flaming C is the superhero alter ego of Conan O'Brien.  He was created by Conan and 'Batman The Animated Series' legend Bruce Timm during a segment on the show last year.  It turned into a regular gag on the show with animated segments and some teases of a Flaming C movie which at this point may just have been a joke.  They put out a call for submissions of fan art for a 'super secret project' so I entered this.
That's an evil NBC peacock if you were wondering...and a Razor that wants to shave Conan's beard.  That super secret project as far as I know turned out to be a gallery at the San Diego Comic Con...and it all wound up on the official Flaming C website in the fan art section.  Mine was mysteriously absent from both locations...don't know what that means.  The site has a lot of stuff, lot of styles and types of artwork...even has a macrame Conan, so I always wondered if they even got my jpeg, but I'm not gonna be that sap who submits the same art more than once.  There's also of course the distinct possibility that they didn't like it...or maybe Andy Richter didn't like that I drew him wearing a mini dress.  I still like the drawing though and Conan's still a pretty awesome guy, so here it is on my own site to show some fandom.  It fits in well at the Outhouse.

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