Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Republic of Doyle

Got into "Republic of Doyle" last summer.

It's a Canadian show, for anyone who doesn't know, about a P.I. in Newfoundland.  This is the cast if it wasn't obvious.  I really like the drawing, but I'm a little so-so on the likenesses.  I think Malachy's bang on and Rose is pretty good.  Tinny's not bad but maybe a little more cartoony compared to the rest of them which makes her look a little younger by comparison maybe.  Still like the drawing though...I'd just be doing some more tweaking before I'd pitch "Republic of Doyle: The Animated Series."  I like that Canadian TV's been getting better respect in the last few years.  I think if you asked about favorite Canadian shows twenty years ago, the response would pretty much start and end with SCTV.  SCTV will forever be a classic(and maybe a future blog post) but I think we have more to add to the list.  Doyle is one of them.  Props to my cousin for introducing it to me.

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  1. This is one of my favourite shows! So well done and features a beautiful place!