Friday, 4 April 2014

Combat Fairy

Here's another sketchbook doodle that turned into a fully coloured version.

I actually did both the sketch and the finished version right after Jungle Space Girl but I'm just now remembering to post it.  When I had the initial idea for it, it was going to be Tinkerbell.  She would've looked more or less the same though but with the name "Tinkerbell" written somewhere on it in cool lettering but as I drew it I thought why bother doing a bad ass version of Tinkerbell when I could make a bad ass version of a completely original fairy.  So here it is.

I never gave her a name but when I was drawing the the inked version I started getting ideas for other Combat Fairies so I'll be doing more.  I'll just draw them as I think of them among other things that will be keeping me busy.  I've actually already sketched out the next one I just haven't had a chance yet to do a clean version and colour it...but hopefully soon.  I've even got some ideas for a storyline as well so maybe when I've got a whole team of Combat Fairies I'll do a comic with the characters.  Nearly naked fairies fighting monsters and stuff...can't go wrong right?  I'll have to start naming them as I go too.