Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Commission With a Side of Awesome Sauce

You may recall a couple months ago I posted a commissioned drawing of a guy, a girl and a couple of cats going up against an army of zombies.  If you don't, check it out here, and try to keep up.  Well anyway, that drawing was commissioned by the guy in the drawing as a gift for the girl in the drawing.  Make sense?  Hopefully, cuz here we go again.  The girl in the drawing then recently commissioned me to draw a new drawing as a gift for the guy in the drawing.  I feel like I could've explained that more concisely but I'm happy with how it turned out none the less.  Anyway, here's that new drawing now, I'm quite happy with the way it turned out and thankfully so were they.  Kim described it as 100% awesome sauce.
Now I know what you're thinking, "jeeze Dylan, isn't it kinda crass to plaster your company name and logo all over that poster?"  Well it would be, but those are just watermarks and I assure you they were not included in the version I handed over to them. 
I was given pretty clear instructions for the first poster.  Caillin really knew what he wanted, right down to the basic composition.  For this new one though I was given pretty much free reign to come up with something.  Kim gave me a run down of things she'd like to try and convey with the poster...I took that and we decided to keep with the same theme as the first poster so the two of them could work as companion pieces.  I came up with this, somewhat based on the poster from the original Conan The Barbarian poster.  I googled that though and it turned out I really wasn't remembering that poster correctly at all, so this may or may not look much at all like Conan, save for the raised arm.
Here're the stages of the drawing.  I draw it out in blue so once I ink it I can scan it without picking up my construction lines.  I used to have to erase all that stuff when I was done drawing...it burns the hell out of your arm and covers the desk and floor with eraser turds and who wants that, right?  It was another fun gig.  I'd like to do more of this kinda stuff.