Saturday, 25 February 2012

Robo Junker

This is the first of what will surely be many fully rendered concept designs for a character in a graphic novel idea that I've got kicking around.

Prior to this all I've got of this guy are some half finished doodles.  I really like how this drawing turned out but it's not quite the vibe I'm going for so there's much tinkering still to be done.  This particular graphic novel isn't necessarily on the top of my priority list though so it'll probably be a while before I crank out any more iterations.  I recently bought a new box of gray markers and I wanted to take them for a test spin...that was really my prime motivation for this particular drawing.  I like doing steam/cyber punk drawings...if I feel like drawing but have no specific ideas at the moment I can usually start drawing something like this end up with something...not always with great results, but something somewhat interesting at least.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Peter Pan and Hook

Been on a quest lately to try and track down the 2003 live action "Peter Pan" and Spielberg's "Hook" on DVD and so far it ain't happening.  HMV claimed to have a copy of "Hook" but it was nowhere to be seen.  Logic only dictates at this point that there's a conspiracy in play to prevent me from procuring these films.  The only real question now is who? and why?  Don't think I'll be letting this go anytime soon...I will find who is behind it.  So anyway I happened to watch "Finding Neverland" and I drew this...
Pete's a little on the big side but we can pretend he's a bit closer to camera.  I drew this kinda on the fly but it'd be fun to actually sit down and design my take on these classic characters with a bit more thought.  I purposely gave Peter longer hair than usual cuz I don't imagine there are a lot of barber shops in Neverland.  I shouldn't have made it so wavy though, it should be stiff and dirty looking, doubt they have a lot of shampoo there either.  Judging by those teeth though it looks like they have a pretty good dental plan.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rock 101

I wake up to the Bro Jake Show every morning...
I love classic rock and 101 is my station.  When I worked at the Animation Brewery I used to have it pouring out of my headphones all day, every day...and some of those were loooooooong days.  I'm not quite as religious with it as I used to be...I discovered a few podcasts among other things, and I'm a Stern fan too so I mix it up a bit now but my clock radio still plays the Bro Jake Show every morning.  These guys here?  This is Jake, Mike and Alece.
I used to animate shadows and highlights at Ooga Booga Studio, and just before I scanned this drawing I got the idea to approach this the same way those commercials I worked on were done.  It's a neat effect with those harder shadows.  It's done by drawing the shadow shapes on another piece of paper and the hightlights on another piece of paper again.  The shadows are painted black, the highlights white, then you drop the opacity and layer them on top of one another.  This is only one drawing...imagine doing 24 shadow and highlight layers for every second of animation.  I don't have to...I did it.